Thursday, December 6, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Well, shoot, I already got my two front teeth.

Other than World Peace, the Second Coming, and Daily Sanity what else would you want in the under $100 range?

Things under $100
Lost 3
Caps Tickets
Belgian Beer
Shirts (16.5/33), Ties (no stripes!)
Racquetball Glove (large)
...surprise me!

Attila the Hun (de Wohl)
Throne of the World (might be same as Atilla the Hun)
David of Jerusalem: A Novel
THE EMPRESS HELENA (might be same as The Living Wood ; I have that.)
Imperial Renegade

DS Games

Hotel Dusk
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
Metroid Prime: Hunters

Things definitely NOT under $100
24" iMac
Final Cut Express
Awesome digital cameras
Camcorders (The land of awesome: Canon HV20)
Sherlock Holmes
More Sherlock Holmes


Patrick said...

Warmer slippers than the ones I'm wearing. it's FREEZING in my basement! :)

Nod said...

Costco has some awesome shearling slippers that are so warm they'll make your feet hot!


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