Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stroke Update

My brother Shoe has been released from the hospital following his stroke. His wife (Girl Friday) and daughter (Babs) are greatly relieved, as is the whole Nod family. (Thanks be to God!)

The good news is that there is no lasting damage: speech, memory, and motor skills are restored and fully intact.

The bad news is there is a hole in his heart (ASD) which allowed a blood clot to reach his brain, causing the stroke. It can be fixed with open-heart surgery: scary but survivable, as I well know. There are some other complicating factors with Shoe's condition, so this will be a long term treatment, complete with blood thinners and a possible trip to NIH.

Apparently, upwards of 20% of the population have a congenital heart defect and may not even know it -- about 1 million U.S. citizens. Kinda makes you want to get your heart checked, huh?

Thanks for all your prayers for our family - we need 'em, and we appreciate 'em.

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