Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Pasta

This is my first time making pasta (at midnight, why not?).

I used white flour, spelt flour (because I saw it in the store and was curious), eggs and a bit of olive oil. Rolled it out (would have been MUCH easier with a pasta machine) and cut it with a knife. Here it is hanging on a plastic hangar to dry.

I blame too much cooking channel. We'll see what happens when I cook it tomorrow.


Rebecca Frech said...

We LOVE homemade pasta and make it all the time. You're right. Get a pasta maker and it's a breeze.

Nod said...

So - things I learned. Thicker pasta means you have to cook it longer. A pasta maker would be WAY easier than rolling it out by hand. Thicker pasta means kids who are full (yay!).

It was fun and tasty too. Since it was Friday, I made it with shrimp and sun dried tomato pesto. Good stuff!


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