Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lawn Stripes

Right now my yard looks a bit ridiculous.

It's been raining like the dickens which has made the grass grow like crazy. However, my lawn tractor is currently busted so it's gotten rather high. I've been working overtime, so there has been no time during the week to cut it, and it keeps raining on the weekend.

I got a bit desperate and tried to hand mow the front at dusk by doing a pop-a-wheelie with the mower (very dangerous and the awkward position led to some pulled muscles).  Of course I ran out of light and had to stop. Then it was a few more days before I could try again. I got halfway through the back when I ran out of gas. One tank doesn't go far enough when you're mowing the same section 3 times with differing height mower wheelies.

So now I've got a 3-tiered lawn. I may just put some stripes on it and call it a golf course: fairway, rough, and lost-ball-in-the-high-weeds.  Maybe I'll just call it art.

Ok, the lawn tractor guy is coming out this week ....


aka the Mom said...

why are you mowing the lawn? You have enough children for slave labor

Nod said...

You'd think so, right? The slaves are in revolt.


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