Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's your political philosophy?

Found this great link on which shows you in general what your political philosophy is and how you match up with the candidates: Presidential, Senate, House.

I found it interesting: apparently I'm a Conservative-leaning Populist.

Take it with a grain of salt, but it does help you to think about the issues, especially if you use the pop-up links which describe the issues in more detail.


James said...

I came in at the "Moderate Populist" rating, which did not surprise me. It really looks like a category that fits anyone who does not belong in the major camps of Conservative or Liberal.

On a different subject - what are your thoughts on this?
Good Book: Buried in the Bitter Waters
I wonder if there is a connection to the book of Numbers?

Nod said...

Actually, Arlen Specter comes in almost dead center of the political spectrum, although he's described as: Moderate Libertarian Conservative. Check out the graph at the bottom.

I never heard of the bitter water ordeal before now. I just read it, but apart from the title of the book, I don't see any connection between divine adultery tests and ethnic cleansing. I think "bitter waters" is a fairly common phrase / concept.

dawn said...
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Rachael said...

That was interesting. Apparently, I am a Liberal-Leaning Populist, and my ideals would best be served by Ralph Nadar(55%) or Barack Obama (53%). Hillary was a 45% and McCain came in at 43%. There were a few others in there that I don't know. Nadar is actually the candidate my brother in CA supports, if I remember correctly. :)


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