Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not in Limbo Anymore

Newsweek ran this blurb on how Limbo is no longer theologically necessary.

According to a 41-page report released last week by the Roman Catholic Church’s International Theological Commission, limbo—a celestial middle ground between Heaven and Hell—is no longer necessary.

All in all this is a fairly well-written article if you strike the first paragraph, which is sensational and slightly derogatory towards Catholics.

A point of clarification would be in order, however, with regard to Purgatory. The author claims that purgatory is "a place of temporary punishment for those not deemed good or bad enough to merit an immediate ticket to heaven or hell".

A more accurate statement would be that purgatory is a place of temporary purgation, or cleansing, of remaining attachments to sin for those who are on their way to heaven. And yes, it's painful.

The Hell-bound just go to Hell. No ticket required.

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