Friday, May 16, 2008

Local sayings

Local color, regionalisms, aphorisms, pithy sayings, maxims, puns -- you gotta love language. I like to collect saying from places I've been. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes profound; I even like multi-lingual mash-ups.

Here are some phrases I've collected; some of them are slightly earthy:
  • Garbage rolls down-hill.
  • That's slicker than snot on a door-knob.
  • Well, tie me to a hog and smear my ears with jam!
  • You're just a lost ball in the high weeds.
  • Never piss up-wind.
  • Soda: pop, soda pop, coke (for everything), fizz, RC, sugar-water
  • gâvur-kebab: a Turkish/Muslim mash-up meaning ham on a stick (gâvur means "unbeliever", kebab is like shish-kebab).
  • Slainte (Irish "cheers") pronounced: It's a lawn chair!
  • Auf Wiedersehen (German "goodbye") pronounced: Our feet are stained!
  • Do itashi mashite (Japanese "you're welcome") pronounced: Don't touch my mustache!
  • Turkish tongue twister- bu duvarı badanalamalı mı yoksa badanalamamalı mı?
    Should we whitewash this wall or should we not whitewash it?
  • Ridicilis!
  • Chinese story: Tikki-Tikki Tembo no sa rembo, chari-bari, rucci-pip perri-pembo
  • Same story, different name: Tikki-Tukki Timbo, no si-nimbo, bui-hui bushi-fui pom-pom nikki-nomi echo fui-o
  • California: boffo, gnarly, tubular
  • Donde esta Juan? Yo soy Juan! Ai!
  • That which does not kill us makes us stronger -- Nietzsche (eww!)
  • Bumper sticker: God is Dead -- Nietzsche; Nietzsche is Dead -- God.
Add some of your own ...

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